Game Review — Scuba Dupa [iOS]

Been playing Flappy Birds for far too long? Want a new addictive challenging game? Scuba Dupa is new and has made it onto my list of “Most Frustrating Games”. Controls – Functions with both tilt and tap. No other keys required to play the game. Which I think is quite amazing! Particularly for a touch phone,Continue reading “Game Review — Scuba Dupa [iOS]”

Android Game Review – Miracle City

  Developer – DroidHen Rating – 4 stars Not being a BIG game addict, I am very picky about the games I choose to play (unlike some people I know, who play absolutely anything and everything). I always  find myself hurriedly scrolling down the page until something catches my  eye. So I guess you couldContinue reading “Android Game Review – Miracle City”