Waves upon waves. Rays upon rays. I lay there, A secluded island. Straining out of reach, And then springing back. Holding myself aloft, And then being slack. Thoughts gently lapping at me, The shores crept inward. Thoughts clouding over me, My heart stirred. Time blurred into one, Lost, as I was. In the distance, IContinue reading “Islanded.”

The Universe of You

You were but a small boy, Ready to be enveloped by the¬†mighty And the invigorating. The Heavens convened, Smiling down at you. You, who glowed with wonder, An impish smile lurking on your mien. They imbued your life with Experiences to last a lifetime, Knowing full well, you’d thrive. The stars aligned, preparing to ReleaseContinue reading “The Universe of You”

Telltale Reality

Walls groan and Staircases sigh. The ceiling rat-a-tats With fictional marbles. Doors whine, Reminiscent of the old. Curtains quarrel So as to invite stories. A dilapidated house. It clings to its inhabitants. It lives long after they are gone. It sleeps blanketed by their memories. And wakes again, ready for more.   – Meera

A Volatile World

It’s a volatile world, The very foundation sizzles. Crackling like a witch’s brew, Waiting to be stirred. Rearing its bigoted head, Surveying the great potential For a divide & rule. How easy it must seem, To create a spark And prod it so? To lay waste, all differences? It seethes and sputters With a callousnessContinue reading “A Volatile World”