Book Review — Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre seems like an ordinary Victorian woman. But the fact is far from that. She hops along the border of extraordinary – in her resistance of authority, in her defiance of scheming relatives, in her unexpected submission to dominance and in her admirable strength when she wanders homeless burdened by a broken heart, fatigued body and overwhelmingContinue reading “Book Review — Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte”

Undo and rewrite once again

I hang onto languid threads Wishing you’d wipe away my dreads. Down into the ravine, Headfirst fell  my impression of thine. In fact, truth be told I ne’er should’ve let you enfold The warrior that beats within me The one that you preyed on incessantly. Give me a chance, oh Lord and I will RedoContinue reading “Undo and rewrite once again”

A life in this universe, wandering and lost.

The Heavens Weep at the Loss of a loved One. He, who had it All, is now one with the Earth. The expectations and The hope that sustained him, were far Beyond what anyone could offer. Decisions make us and, his undid him. -Mia

Korean Drama Review — Boys Over Flowers

Hey people! How have you all been doing? 🙂 So I am back with another k-drama review. Please enjoy it! Boys Over Flowers is a show that revolves around the prestigious Shinwa High School’s  popular group known as the F4 (Flower Four?). This group consists of 4 very rich, very spoilt and extremely good lookingContinue reading “Korean Drama Review — Boys Over Flowers”