Amidst All the Muddle

Lately life has taken an absurd turn, a sudden change of events. I am not sure what exactly is the cause of this. Everything (okay, well almost everything) is a little blurry and I keep having these totally weird identity crisis issue. Like I don’t really know what I’m upto. I don’t even know ifContinue reading “Amidst All the Muddle”

Restoring the Beauty

In today’s world where beauty is heightened with various catalysts, it is truly heart-warming to see natural beauty tampered by nothing. I have never been interested in sight-seeing before. But these scenic pictures are a treat to the eye. The fact that such God-given beauty still remains intact is truly astounding. You’d think that humanContinue reading “Restoring the Beauty”

You Can’t Snatch That Dream

We all have dreams. We’ve all had dreams since we were born into this world. Dreams change as time passes. Some we achieve and some dreams slip out of our grasp. But dreams they all are. Regardless of ¬†how big or small, they are all equally important. When there is hope, there are dreams. WhereContinue reading “You Can’t Snatch That Dream”

New Revelation

Desperation. Helplessness. Self Pity. Burden. Responsibility. Sometimes when you have to deal with all that simultaneously, it gets a little too tiresome. Its a pressure, that not everyone can let slide or handle easily. Some do an exceptional job of brushing it aside, of tackling it effortlessly. To them jumping over obstacles comes naturally. TheyContinue reading “New Revelation”

The Discouraging Act

Success is gained by those with a desire to achieve and the will to work for it. Incompetence is a derogatory and invalid term. There’s no such thing as being ill-fit or unsuitable for a job. If you are passionate enough, you can aim for the sky. But where interest is lacked and there’s noContinue reading “The Discouraging Act”