Tell me, does distance really bother you?

Perplexed by your insinuation, I Tread with care. Bombarded by thoughts, I Find no surety in my despair. Have i been uncaring, ‘fore You began distancing? I thought not. Till now You gave it no Thought, fixed in Drifting Slot. Then Why the Dejection Clouds your eye, the Brief seconds that you Care to comeContinue reading “Tell me, does distance really bother you?”

Give an ear

Carry my thoughts to faithful ears Let them heed to what others won’t say. Poised with a line, equipped with a speech Listen close, for it’ll make you sigh. Broken words uttered on a whim Roam the earth with no where to go. I gather them all and thread a story With a hint ofContinue reading “Give an ear”

Tread carefully

Hello everyone. Recently I’ve been watching Highschool of the Dead anime. Its the first one I ever got around to finishing. Mixed opinion. Review coming up soon. But now I am really into this ZA theme. So thinking of trying Sankarea. What do you think? —————————————- Every chosen path Multiple branches beckon Contemplate afore. WispyContinue reading “Tread carefully”

Wake up! Its your life… don’t you wanna live it?

Life. An encyclopaedia in itself. You learn a lot from it as long as you try to understand and relate. Hence the saying goes “experience with age”. As you grow older, you experience more. Its a lifetime worth of opportunities. Make the best out of it. But that doesn’t mean taking the safe path. ItsContinue reading “Wake up! Its your life… don’t you wanna live it?”

How would it be? To witness the end…if there’s one.

It may happen today, maybe tomorrow. Then again, I may not live to see it happen. The witch’s cackle grows louder each day, Her potion brewing in all its fury. The apocalypse, her motive. An end to all suffering, her excuse. Fallen as she is, ruthlessness overwhelms her. Stories are all I’ve heard. How wouldContinue reading “How would it be? To witness the end…if there’s one.”