Arachnid by Aditya Modak

A brilliant blend of dystopia and surrealism, Aditya Modak’s debut novel Arachnid mirrors the common man’s fears in myriad ways. Jay Mukherjee leads a life bereft of flavour, carefully skirting the barricades placed in society by the Federation. But one day, his nightmare doesn’t cease. And with great horror, Jay realizes that his childhood fearContinue reading “Arachnid by Aditya Modak”

Book Review — Hell! No Saints in Paradise by A.K. Asif

Ismael’s disbelief in the existence of Hell and Paradise is contested by otherworldly beings who require him to play a part in their revolution. He is the key to upturning a futuristic, dystopian society, a place of extremist power; so that it may once again revert to normality. The path to fulfilling such a responsibilityContinue reading “Book Review — Hell! No Saints in Paradise by A.K. Asif”

Book Review — The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

In a drastically altered future, Margaret Atwood writes of a society where the governing authorities have curbed all women rights and many of the less fortunate ones are forced to become handmaids to wealthy Commanders and officials. For Offred, life as she knew it, is a distant memory of times and opportunities lost. With┬áno clueContinue reading “Book Review — The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood”