Book Review — Hell! No Saints in Paradise by A.K. Asif

Ismael’s disbelief in the existence of Hell and Paradise is contested by otherworldly beings who require him to play a part in their revolution. He is the key to upturning a futuristic, dystopian society, a place of extremist power; so that it may once again revert to normality. The path to fulfilling such a responsibilityContinue reading “Book Review — Hell! No Saints in Paradise by A.K. Asif”

Book Review — Soulprint by Megan Miranda

Thank you Bloomsbury India for sending me a copy of this book for review ­čÖé In a world where an individual is compelled to bear the burden of their past lives, Alina Chase cannot escape who she was – June Calahan, a criminal in the eyes of all.┬áSeparated from her family, Alina has been keptContinue reading “Book Review — Soulprint by Megan Miranda”

Book Review — The Giver by Lois Lowry

Jonas had always been content with the rigid nature of his community. A community that was devoid of color, choices and history thrived through their meticulous efforts to keep everyone in line. There was no love, no wrongs; rather everyone lived in utmost peace not knowing the thrills of uncertainty. Ritualistic practices naturalized in everyContinue reading “Book Review — The Giver by Lois Lowry”

The Truth in Dystopia & Hope in SciFi

We, the human race, have reached such a point in our existence that life in fiction seems more livable as compared to reality. How did a people that were meant to live in love and peace, with the occasional conflict ofcourse, grow so abstruse as to live for inflicting pain. How were morals decided uponContinue reading “The Truth in Dystopia & Hope in SciFi”

Book Review — Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

Firstly, a big Thank You to HarperCollins Children and Edelweiss for this review ARC. In this compelling novel, where The Selection meets Game of Thrones, debut author Sara Raasch has┬ádevised the ultimate attention-grabbing story of kingdoms so vast and warriors so fierce. But what’s above it all is the sheer brilliance with which, she managesContinue reading “Book Review — Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch”