More awards ^_^

Hello you! My week just got a whole lot better with 3 more award  nominations 😀 Mia@OkaayThen nominated me for 3 awards! Can you believe that?! 1 post….3 awards! I sure can’t. It feels like I am not able to snap out of this reverie of receiving awards for my blog.  Like not only isContinue reading “More awards ^_^”

You Can’t Snatch That Dream

We all have dreams. We’ve all had dreams since we were born into this world. Dreams change as time passes. Some we achieve and some dreams slip out of our grasp. But dreams they all are. Regardless of  how big or small, they are all equally important. When there is hope, there are dreams. WhereContinue reading “You Can’t Snatch That Dream”

Far From Home

In the land of the deserts and camels, Of turbans and veils, It rarely rains. The seldom ceasing summer is as bright and vibrant as ever. Smiling down on us, the sun, with its golden rays caresses all in its path with a soft Midas touch. Bringing about a glimmer and a glitter on plants,Continue reading “Far From Home”

Book Review – Dream Caster by Najeev Nadarajah

Wow! :O Dream Caster is a novel based on post-war Toronto. It explores the lives of a lucky few who managed to survive the catastrophe, which wipes mankind off the face of the Earth. Weaver, the protagonist, is a very soft and kind hearted character. He is left helpless as his world – the settlementContinue reading “Book Review – Dream Caster by Najeev Nadarajah”