Nail Art — Dotted Spirals and Waves

   So I got this idea of dotted spirals off Google. But it looked a lot more cooler on that person firstly because of the matte violet color and gold dots that she had done. And secondly it was perfect in a very professional way.  But anyhow this looks okay, I guess 😛 Amidst all that’sContinue reading “Nail Art — Dotted Spirals and Waves”

Nail Art — Galaxy

This nail design has been long time pending. So I finally decided to do the galaxy nails. It’s shiny but the camera somehow missed out the lustre. On a black base, I used the sponge effect first with purplish-pink colour then blue and a gray colour. A few dots in white and a glittery topcoat.Continue reading “Nail Art — Galaxy”

Nail Art – Golden Blues

 In the mood to create a new combination of colours that I had never used before, I finally made up my mind to go with blue and golden.  So as you can see, I kind of played around with those colours, and viola! this was the result. Slowly, I am beginning to get the hangContinue reading “Nail Art – Golden Blues”

Nail Art – Tribal and Others.

Hey everyone! 🙂 I had done this nail art in the first week of December or so. After that there was a slight dramatic issue – one of the nails got cut in half. To be specific, the nail with the heart design on it got cut in half so it looked like a brokenContinue reading “Nail Art – Tribal and Others.”