For rights and slights, Fights ensue. To quell other’s mights, More fights ensue. But, while the world’s Busy setting fires, There are those Whose fights turn dire. Of the world, of the day, The gloom that won’t stay away, Time and again, they tire. Succeed! What doth thou speak of? I know no success, InContinue reading “Fight”

What We’ve Learned From 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why, a book to television adaptation of Jay Asher’s young adult fiction, posits the transience of life and growing insensitivity among millennials. It is abundantly interspersed with prevalent concerns pertaining to suicide, sexual abuse, slut shaming, social isolation, peer pressure and so much more. Hannah Baker’s narration, of the events in her lifeContinue reading “What We’ve Learned From 13 Reasons Why”

Wake up! Its your life… don’t you wanna live it?

Life. An encyclopaedia in itself. You learn a lot from it as long as you try to understand and relate. Hence the saying goes “experience with age”. As you grow older, you experience more. Its a lifetime worth of opportunities. Make the best out of it. But that doesn’t mean taking the safe path. ItsContinue reading “Wake up! Its your life… don’t you wanna live it?”