The Beckon of A Life

A whisper of life. Afraid to live, afraid to fly Cocooned in the Warmth of my palms. Looks up with wishful eyes. “Could I live here?”, the little thing Asks of me. “Right here in the folds,¬†between The clouds and the grass.” It’s tiny aspirations, catching me Off-guard. Before I could say, bits of ItsContinue reading “The Beckon of A Life”

May Photo A Day – Mother

Its Mother’s Day! Even though I don’t believe that there ought to be “a day” for celebrating and being overly thankful towards your mother, I like to do something small, a gesture to show my appreciation. She’s always been there for me. There’s loads I’ve learnt from her and still more to go. She’s notContinue reading “May Photo A Day – Mother”