The Headlight Zone

Solemn faces & the overwhelming space. Words couldn’t have traveled faster if I’d so wished. Disinterested glances & a terrifying stance. Conquering my fears had never been So important before. Faced with the headlight zone, I spared no thought. Jumped right into it, and Appeared in the achiever’s lot. There’s an attempt; tried & tested.Continue reading “The Headlight Zone”

Book Review — The Trespass by Barbara Ewing

A historical tale of bravery and righteousness during the cholera epidemic in London is captured in this novel by Barbara Ewing. Harriet Cooper and her elder sister Mary Cooper have always had a guarded relationship with their father, the MP, Sir Charles Cooper; who after the death of his wife became a hard-hearted, authoritarianĀ figure inContinue reading “Book Review — The Trespass by Barbara Ewing”

College – A New Phase.

3 weeks into college and my head is a jumble of mixed feelings – mostly all good, some a little whiny šŸ˜›Ā Ā Been coming home late, no time for anything else. Usually this would’ve driven me ballistic, but somehow it doesn’t affect me as such. Even though I would’ve liked to have a little “me time”,Continue reading “College – A New Phase.”

Pillar of Support.

Dad. A three lettered word. Yet it carries a strong and deep meaning. To some a father, to others “daddy” it is. No matter how many words there are, that refer to a father, it can never completely justify the position that this being holds in your life. He’s been there for you, ever sinceContinue reading “Pillar of Support.”