My Uni & the Christmas Spirit!

Is it true that towards the second half of the year, time goes by even faster? As we eat, breathe and love; we yet again chalk another year into our book of life. It is something so inherent in December, in Christmas that makes even the minutest of things, that would normally bother meĀ a greatContinue reading “My Uni & the Christmas Spirit!”

Book Review — Iris by Nancy Springer

Iris by Nancy Springer is a heart warming account of a mother and how she deals with the oddities of life after her daughter’s and husband’s death. Separation takes a while getting used to. But solitude doesn’t seem to bother her as much. She finds comfort and solace in the everyday tidbits that we normallyContinue reading “Book Review — Iris by Nancy Springer”

Nail Art – Christmas Special!

Meant to be Santa’s costume… šŸ˜› Don’t know if I pulled it off that well šŸ˜€ As you can probably see the first ones a snowflake then theĀ ChristmasĀ tree followed by an elf’s costume and some cute golden ribbons for all the gifts. Green and Silver (sponge technique) for theĀ ChristmasĀ tree… MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! šŸ˜€ HaveContinue reading “Nail Art – Christmas Special!”