2017 at a Glance

There’s always a first and no matter how exhilarating or painful that first experience is, you’ve just started cracking open the shells to usher in the beams of a better world; a world of heightened senses and worldly knowledge. So keep going, oh brave heart, keep going! 2017 has been a great many things toContinue reading “2017 at a Glance”

It’s Not Your Fault

A friend of mine once said, “Being close to somebody is about how they make you feel.” This couldn’t be more true. We cling to the people who make us feel strong, special and worthy of good things. We gravitate towards those who can give us what we’re looking for from life – be itContinue reading “It’s Not Your Fault”

Book Review — How To Be A Bawse by Lilly Singh

Summary –┬áLilly Singh’s How To Be A Bawse is as much an honest representation of the star as it is a well guided recipe to cure oneself of the blues. Her words of wisdom, courage and understanding fill us to the brim with the zeal needed to pick ourselves up and keep going. Split intoContinue reading “Book Review — How To Be A Bawse by Lilly Singh”

Oh, the quandary!

All this thinking. This relentless reasoning And persistent pondering Leads nowhere. Not now. The wonted adjustments And clinging to the familiar. The dreams of new And varied days. They don’t meet. A thousand words Walk down every alley. As i holler songs about Being young & me. They don’t rhyme. The wishing well, The magicContinue reading “Oh, the quandary!”