Curl Diaries – Documenting life as a Curly Girl.

Hello people! I have been cooking up a new blog post initiative for quite a while and now its finally time to bring it to the notice of others. For as long as I can remember, I have been wanting stick-straight, non tangly hair. My mom would spend hours straightening my waist long hair andContinue reading “Curl Diaries – Documenting life as a Curly Girl.”

Moods of Love (Haiku)

The outcome of brain storming for an assignment 🙂 Unrequited Love Your stormy gaze would Never fall on me. I, who, Shy from the limelight This haiku talks about unrequited love. How people are left to deal with one-sided love or attraction. Fleeting glances and wishful thinking are all they can afford. And how disconcertingContinue reading “Moods of Love (Haiku)”