Older and Dearer

There are none like you – Maddeningly selfless and Unconditionally supportive. Everything that comes your way, Good or bad, is somehow absorbed By the magnanimity of your kind, kind soul. Never asking for anything in return, You’ve only learnt to give. The glint in your eyes, Had they not missed, They wouldn’t dare awake AContinue reading “Older and Dearer”

The Universe of You

You were but a small boy, Ready to be enveloped by the¬†mighty And the invigorating. The Heavens convened, Smiling down at you. You, who glowed with wonder, An impish smile lurking on your mien. They imbued your life with Experiences to last a lifetime, Knowing full well, you’d thrive. The stars aligned, preparing to ReleaseContinue reading “The Universe of You”