The Bird Tattoo by Dunya Mikhail

It’s 2014 and a city in northern Iraq has been taken over by an extremist religious organisation. Helen and hundreds of women face horrors beyond their worst nightmares as they are sold off to men who bid for them in an auction. Driven to find out what happened to her husband and escape the organisation’sContinue reading “The Bird Tattoo by Dunya Mikhail”

The House in the Pines by Ana Reyes

When Maya stumbles across a YouTube video of a woman dying under mysterious circumstances, she is reminded of her best friend’s death from years ago. The eerie similarity of both incidents sets Maya on an alarming path, where it soon becomes difficult to distinguish reality from nightmare. Read if you like: puzzling mystery novels, ambiguousContinue reading “The House in the Pines by Ana Reyes”

The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake

Six are chosen to be initiates to the Alexandrian Society, caretakers of the world’s knowledge reserves. For all the riches and power in the world, who wouldn’t agree? But the six don’t know what they’ve signed up for and when the time comes, what will be at stake to become a member of the Society.Continue reading “The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake”


Mindy McGinnis’ Heroine goes above and beyond what a typical YA fiction does. It gets rid of character stereotypes, depicts the alienating nature of adolescence, shows the disconnect between parents and children, all the while narrating a heartrending story about a softball player battling opioid addiction. Mickey Catalan finds herself at crossroads when an accidentContinue reading “Heroine”