The Misplaced Indian

The Indian spirit is like a motherboard. It cannot be whole without its multiple subparts and as a separate entity, drives forward the existence of every Indian soul. This spirit is for us to wield and imbibe as we see fit. Yet, we somehow manage to demarcate the “true” Indian by turning a blind eyeContinue reading “The Misplaced Indian”


April is the month of dust… and lies. But even a small occasion would suffice To add to the merry of a glorying age One that with responsibility does engage. There is laughter and knowledge abound, And life’s mystery lurking around. For every Arian, this time of the year New resolutions become clear. To quellContinue reading “April.”

Chapters Indispensable

I had written this poem a while back for an assignment in college. It’s about changing times and indifference. Fragments of disillusioned reality bent Over me. For long, I couldn’t see. The whispers of little birds admonished Carefree. Not a tune out of place for your Eulogy. Bond forlorn, by your labyrinth Of manners. It’sContinue reading “Chapters Indispensable”