The Truth in Dystopia & Hope in SciFi

We, the human race, have reached such a point in our existence that life in fiction seems more livable as compared to reality. How did a people that were meant to live in love and peace, with the occasional conflict ofcourse, grow so abstruse as to live for inflicting pain. How were morals decided uponContinue reading “The Truth in Dystopia & Hope in SciFi”

Anime Review — High School of the Dead

I have never watched or read or played anything with a zombie theme in it. Amidst all the hype about Left for Dead and Resident Evil and such, I have just unintentionally always walked past the zombie shelves. So this is not only my first anime but also a first in the zombie arena. HighschoolContinue reading “Anime Review — High School of the Dead”

How would it be? To witness the end…if there’s one.

It may happen today, maybe tomorrow. Then again, I may not live to see it happen. The witch’s cackle grows louder each day, Her potion brewing in all its fury. The apocalypse, her motive. An end to all suffering, her excuse. Fallen as she is, ruthlessness overwhelms her. Stories are all I’ve heard. How wouldContinue reading “How would it be? To witness the end…if there’s one.”

Book Review – Dream Caster by Najeev Nadarajah

Wow! :O Dream Caster is a novel based on post-war Toronto. It explores the lives of a lucky few who managed to survive the catastrophe, which wipes mankind off the face of the Earth. Weaver, the protagonist, is a very soft and kind hearted character. He is left helpless as his world – the settlementContinue reading “Book Review – Dream Caster by Najeev Nadarajah”