What We’ve Learned From 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why, a book to television adaptation of Jay Asher’s young adult fiction, posits the transience of life and growing insensitivity among millennials. It is abundantly interspersed with prevalent concerns pertaining to suicide, sexual abuse, slut shaming, social isolation, peer pressure and so much more. Hannah Baker’s narration, of the events in her lifeContinue reading “What We’ve Learned From 13 Reasons Why”

When You Resort to Violence

From what I’ve seen, it always starts with something small, something very insignificant. You don’t give it too much thought and it becomes easy to brush aside. An argument that took a turn for the worse. A grave mistake. Nothing like hot temper to take it up a notch. Nothing like frustration, to lash outContinue reading “When You Resort to Violence”