Korean Drama Review – Personal Taste

Hey you! I’m back with another drama review. This one is also  a Lee MinHo starrer with Son YeJin as his co-actor and the leading lady. It has a rather unique plot and I was immediately hooked onto it. Its known as Personal Taste or Personal Preference. This show revolves around the 2 characters, JinHoContinue reading “Korean Drama Review – Personal Taste”

Korean Drama Review — Boys Over Flowers

Hey people! How have you all been doing? 🙂 So I am back with another k-drama review. Please enjoy it! Boys Over Flowers is a show that revolves around the prestigious Shinwa High School’s  popular group known as the F4 (Flower Four?). This group consists of 4 very rich, very spoilt and extremely good lookingContinue reading “Korean Drama Review — Boys Over Flowers”

City Hunter Korean Drama Review

Hey everyone! Hope everything is going good for you all 🙂 So, recently I met up with my darling sister and she very enthusiastically recommended some Korean dramas. At first I wasn’t very sure about the whole “having to read subtitles and watch the show at the same time” but all doubts evaporated when sheContinue reading “City Hunter Korean Drama Review”