Booo! Its Halloween!

Wind chimes tinkling in the distance, Cat calls filling the air, Leaves and debris fluttering in the swift wind, Roads are deserted as people prepare for the festivities. Its a festival of treats, Of mayhem and mischief. Carved pumpkins of all sizes, line the front porches. Whereas some are suspended in the air, seemingly floatingContinue reading “Booo! Its Halloween!”

Hopes for the Future

All the dreams and aspirations like Little soap bubbles, float higher above Quickly dancing out of our reach. Some stray for a while longer, Whereas others tend to explode Just when you decide to reach out for it. For those (people) who aren’t quick enough, they soar into the sky, never to be seen again.Continue reading “Hopes for the Future”

A Gift More Precious Than Any Gemstone.

Here’s a little token of gratitude, Wrapped in loving words Laced with genuine care, Sent to the people who keep me bound to happiness. There’s one, who is tough on the outside, Sensitive inside and so amiable, She’d make you feel loved the moment you get to know her. Her enthusiasm in little things (movies,Continue reading “A Gift More Precious Than Any Gemstone.”