(Inspired by a fantasy novel)

That, which cares not a bit. Fending for itself, seeking solace in its own shadow. Humility long gone, dissolved into nothingness. Slowly draining the life essence. Surrounded by an unceasing storm, It absorbs you into the gloom. It works alone, and alone it’ll strive. Faith and belief needed no more, Masters of the hunt. Hawk-eyed,Continue reading “(Inspired by a fantasy novel)”

As The Wagon Draws To A Stop

The fast paced life slows down, Just like a wagon nearing its next destination. The thrills and chills, blurred with speed are long gone, Replaced by more serious issues. It is time to detach myself from yet another city that has played host. Adding to my experiences, every day has been one to cherish. ButContinue reading “As The Wagon Draws To A Stop”

Far From Home

In the land of the deserts and camels, Of turbans and veils, It rarely rains. The seldom ceasing summer is as bright and vibrant as ever. Smiling down on us, the sun, with its golden rays caresses all in its path with a soft Midas touch. Bringing about a glimmer and a glitter on plants,Continue reading “Far From Home”

Lets Not Say Goodbye

We have all reached that fork, Where we must part ways. Some will accompany in yet another journey, Only to separate at a later stage. Seemingly, its time for final goodbyes. But it doesn’t have to be that way, doesn’t have to be the end of priceless friendships. The everyday chatter, contagious yawns, Will allContinue reading “Lets Not Say Goodbye”

Happy New Year! Welcome 2013.

This is not just a new year, but a new chance. A new chance to restore the beauty of our planet And love among the masses. As 2012 culminates, and we step forward to 2013 Lets leave behind despondence and walk with renewed faith. Lets forgive ourselves and know that, its only human to makeContinue reading “Happy New Year! Welcome 2013.”