Hear me out.

Hello people! So my end-sem exams are nearing and as I devote more time to the texts, I am missing out a lot on my blogging! Ugh >< Anyway, I’m always scribbling bits and pieces of random words/poetry lines in all of my books during class. Here’s something meaningful, I put together one day. It’sContinue reading “Hear me out.”


Rusty oars caked with Dust. Ripped sail billows in the Moonlight. Stranded, huh? The wayward wind, with Its lightening speed, took o’er The reins. Castaway. None would come for us. Where even the shadows, would Not dare reach. Forgone. And before we knew it, our link with the rest, was severed…. perhaps, forever.  Mia

A step at a time.

Hi everyone! 🙂 Its been awhile since I did a nail art post. Am looking for some crazy ideas, if you do come across any and don’t mind sharing please do leave a link in the comments 😀 That’d be a BIG HELP. Thanks! 🙂 —————————————————————————————– Every day is a progress. Every glimpse brings meContinue reading “A step at a time.”

How would it be? To witness the end…if there’s one.

It may happen today, maybe tomorrow. Then again, I may not live to see it happen. The witch’s cackle grows louder each day, Her potion brewing in all its fury. The apocalypse, her motive. An end to all suffering, her excuse. Fallen as she is, ruthlessness overwhelms her. Stories are all I’ve heard. How wouldContinue reading “How would it be? To witness the end…if there’s one.”

Dependence – sometimes a “no-no”.

Hey everyone! 🙂 How are you? Hope you are doing good! Smile, because that’s the best thing to do in times of trouble (and otherwise ofcourse). Dependence results In catastrophe. The blame Too easy to pass. Believe in your own abilities rather than depending on those of others. No one can lead you to success,Continue reading “Dependence – sometimes a “no-no”.”