Moment of Silence.

That moment where feelings begin to overwhelm. Where emotions seem to ricochet. Words refuse to form sentences as they dissolve into nothingness.
There was so much I wanted to say, so much I could have said. But the fact that it wouldn’t have mattered, made me reconsider. And in that moment of indecision, all thoughts evaporate (as if trying to say “You had your chance but you were too big of a coward to speak up”)  Now I have nothing left. No ammo. No fuel.

Inability to speak takes over. Hurt, shock, anger and confusion, grab the opportunity, to play tug of war. They have been doing it ever since I learnt what a “lump in the throat” felt like!

Fighting this momentary shut-down hadn’t been an option. It was sure to pass, just like a storm – bringing back the stillness (in the air) yet leaving signs of its occurrence. I would learn to grow calm, the anger would surely subside after leaving an impression.
The words, thoughts and emotions would come tumbling out like lava from an active volcano. Carrying with it all the debris that it collects on the way down.  But, its too late.
Everything would switch back to normal until the next time, when it happens again.
Together, you and I, we have become parts of a never ending routine.
You, unable to understand me. I, unable to make you understand.

Teachers Day

To the teacher, who stood by us at every step of our school life.
To the teacher, who sacrificed her spare time to clear silly doubts.
To the teacher who made it her motto to lead us to the right path.
To the best guide, guru, mentor that we could possibly have had.

For that teacher, we take a bow and thank her for the years of devoted service she has put into this school.
We celebrate this day to thank her for the loving bond she has created between herself and us students.
We wouldn’t have been able to dream of reaching great heights of success without your complete guidance and support.
There is no way we can repay you (for all he hard work you have put in) but to succeed with flying colors.
Thank You for everything.

Unravelling the Complications

Is it possible to get upset for no reason? Probably not.
But it is possible to get upset and not really understand why (right?). Am I “complicating my life”, because I don’t have any definite answers?
Or is this something hormonal? Something beyond the understanding of a 17 year old.
Questions swirled around me,
Spinning a web of darkness.
The overwhelming feeling of frustration clawed at my mind.
But I refuse to give in and break down.
I refuse to let the unexplainable haunt me.
Gathering strength from all that I love,
I heaved this cloud of black over the wall.
And let the light raise my mood.
With happiness came peace
And a sense of being in control.
It became one with my blood, lighting up ever inch of skin with the pigment of joy and content.
Bringing a glow to my once dull face.
All I had to do, was be determined to not get bullied by mood swings.
In a moment of doubt, the sadness and irritation would definitely return
For answers were not yet found.
But for the time being, am more than happy to revel in the sunshine.

Book Review – Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

Hey people!
How is everybody? Doing fine, I hope. 🙂 So by the title you all must know what I have in store for today – another Percy Jackson review! Lets just say I am in love with this series. And I am literally hitting myself in the head, wondering how I had not thought of reading this earlier when it was the HYPE (not that people have stopped reading/ talking about it, but you get my point, don’t you?).  I can’t think of a day when Percy and his adventures have not been the topic of conversation  atleast once among my friends.

Sea of Monsters being the second book in the series certainly does not disappoint. After the tiresome (and successful) expedition to bring the stolen bolt back to Zeus and clear his name, Percy bids goodbye to his friends and returns home.  In Meriwether Prep, Percy makes a new friend Tyson, who is a giant with an emotional soft nature. Unlike always, he  (Percy) almost manages to finish his 7th grade without any trouble from the bad side. Almost. When he learns about the camp’s condition, Percy immediately decides to help. The pine tree on the hill has been poisoned and the magical border is wearing off. Monsters are now attacking the camp which was once the only place of protection for half-bloods. A camp which had been off-limits for the monsters, was now open and vulnerable making the campers – easy targets.
Percy has taken up the responsibility to save the camp (by finding the Golden Fleece which will reinstate the tree’s health) and protect Grover, his satyr friend, who is being held captive by a Cyclops. Best part? He has the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone!

I took up this book 2 days back and I have not been able to put it down.  Rick Riordan has once again spun a wonderful mystery. I can’t wait to finish the whole series! This book tells us more about Annabeth and Percy and how events of the past have led to complicated situations. Percy’s longing for approval from his father is heartbreaking. He takes up responsibilities wondering if he is making Poseidon proud.  I feel so bad for Percy! Its true that Gods are not supposed to pick favorites but a few words of encouragement and love once in awhile wouldn’t hurt, would they? Reading a Percy Jackson book is like a roller coaster ride. It blows the air out of your lungs and all you can do is, hope your heart does not jump out of your mouth. Its silent for a moment and when you least expect it, twists and turns will blow your mind. I like how Tyson’s character has been sketched. He is the exact opposite of what he looks like. Strong looking but timid and very kind hearted. Annabeth proves to be a commendable fighter, brave and a very good friend. She always watching out for Percy. All in all, it was another great book. The last page or the last para (to be precise) has got me totally worked up. I immediately started the 3rd one. Lets see how that goes 😀

Rating – 5 stars