Influenced by the Social Bird

Most of us have that one friend who seems to get along well with everybody. What is it about these people that makes them so likeable? It could be anything ranging from their looks to the way they behave around people or perhaps even tiny details like a warm smile and a strong sense of confidence. But is that all it takes to have loads of friends? Or is there some magical ingredient in their popularity potion?

One such social bird, became a part of my life a year ago. She would flounce in and out of classrooms, greeting people with a bright smile or a hug. And everywhere she went, people would reciprocate with so much love that you’d think she could never truly feel alone. She had the ability to light up a dull scene and make it look like everybody was at a party rather than in school. She would see me sitting in class, doing nothing in particular and drag me out.

Being an introvert, I would sit with the only couple of friends that I had. Too hesitant to approach new people and introduce myself. Like many of us introverts, I wasn’t too fond of crowds so naturally I had glossophobia. But gradually things started to change. Her confidence and guts inspired me to come out of the shell. I don’t know what made it so tempting. But suddenly I was ready to get out there and meet as many new people as possible. I knew the difference between being popular and having a lot of friends. What she had achieved was popularity, the kind where everybody in school is talking about you and knows you.What I wanted, was more than just a couple of friends I could rely on. I didn’t expect to be liked by everyone, I just wanted to be able to talk to people when in need and not be by myself all the time. Soon I found out, it wasn’t that difficult to make some new friends. All I had to do was TAKE INITIATIVE. Smile at somebody as they passed by in the corridor, walk over and introduce myself, ask basic questions and keep up the conversation. At first, crawling back to my class seemed like a better idea (nothing is easy in the beginning, it just takes some time getting used to) but after a few attempts, it definitely got easier.

Now I can walk upto people and strike up a conversation without thinking a million times. I am not claiming to be the most social person on this planet. Even now, at times, I have my doubts. I am still not completely over my shyness especially with certain people in school. It probably is fear of rejection that’s making me maintain distance. I don’t know if  I’ll ever be comfortable approaching these people, cause sometimes you know (its a gut feeling) that they are never going to accept you for who you are.  So yes, I still have minor problems but I am working on it.


Book Review – Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian

*sniff sniff*
Finishing the last book in a series as awesome as this one is such a “bitter-sweet” thing to do. On one hand I am SO ecstatic that I have finished it and I know everything there is to know about about all the characters. But on the other hand, I am a little upset thinking there won’t be any more books to read, no more daily visits to Camp Half Blood, no more talking to the characters. 😦
Anyhow, Percy and Annabeth await me in Heroes of Olympus. So I guess, its alright..

“Stop running, you fools!” Kronos yelled. “Stand and ACKK!”
That last part was because, a panicked Hyperborean giant stumbled backward and sat on top of him. The lord of time disappeared under a giant blue butt. – Percy

Unfortunately the last book of the series is the one where, naturally, all Hades breaks loose. The Lord of Time, Kronos, after spending 3000 years (oh gosh! ) in the deep pits of Tartarus has finally taken a human form, to wage  war against the Gods. He has gathered such a large army of demons that loosing doesn’t seem like an option. Hordes of laistrygonians, dracaenae and other horrific demons lead troops into the city to attack Olympus. But even the Gods have a few tricks up their sleeves!
According to the Great Prophecy, the child of a Big Three must make a decision that will either save or destroy Olympus. Percy’s 16th birthday is finally here, something big is to happen that day. Can Percy handle it? Or will it be too much for the 16 year old, son of the Sea God? The Judgement Day is not far. All the demi-gods prepare for a battle which will definitely top the charts. Destruction, as never before, will loom over Manhattan. Will our heroes be able to save the day and send Kronos flying back to where he came from? READ TO FIND OUT!

All hail to the ultimate MYTH MASTER a.k.a RICK RIORDAN! He couldn’t have done better justice to the series by ending it so exceptionally with the Last Olympian. I loved the whole plot! From the first book to the last one. I don’t think I can say anything bad about  this book. “Bad” is not a word I am ready to associate with this series. Which would probably sound fake to some of you. But, I mean, haven’t you ever felt, after reading a book, that – it fills you with so much happiness – you will never be able to look at the bad side (if there is one).
The greatest thing about this book is that its ALL about the war. And when I say ALL, I mean like till the last couple of chapters. Never did I think that I would enjoy a war scene so thoroughly captured in words. War movies – they bore me to death! Books based on war? No chance!! So there had to be something in this book, right? that I enjoyed it so much!  The Greek weapons (The Riptide, the Backbiter, the Scythe ), armour, monsters – all of that made it quite captivating. Plus, Percy’s confused feelings for Annabeth added a good proportion of teenage drama that the book needed. To top it all, Percy’s wit and humour is splendid!! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud every time he had some smart-ass comments to say! Like “Don’t feel bad, I’m usually about to die.” OR “Don’t I get a kiss for luck? It’s kind of a tradition, right?” I Love Percy Jackson! He, The Best Hero of all time. 😀
So pleasee – its a request to all of you who haven’t read it – PLEASE READ IT! Its just… mind-blowing. Beyond words. The author (and all the books) deserve the appreciation and compliments they have been receiving ever since. Its a series which hopefully will always be one of the best, a true legend. I think the Percy Jackson series define the word fantasy. Should be put in the Oxford Dictionary —-> “fantasy = Percy Jackson series”.

Rating – 10 stars!


Moment of Silence.

That moment where feelings begin to overwhelm. Where emotions seem to ricochet. Words refuse to form sentences as they dissolve into nothingness.
There was so much I wanted to say, so much I could have said. But the fact that it wouldn’t have mattered, made me reconsider. And in that moment of indecision, all thoughts evaporate (as if trying to say “You had your chance but you were too big of a coward to speak up”)  Now I have nothing left. No ammo. No fuel.

Inability to speak takes over. Hurt, shock, anger and confusion, grab the opportunity, to play tug of war. They have been doing it ever since I learnt what a “lump in the throat” felt like!

Fighting this momentary shut-down hadn’t been an option. It was sure to pass, just like a storm – bringing back the stillness (in the air) yet leaving signs of its occurrence. I would learn to grow calm, the anger would surely subside after leaving an impression.
The words, thoughts and emotions would come tumbling out like lava from an active volcano. Carrying with it all the debris that it collects on the way down.  But, its too late.
Everything would switch back to normal until the next time, when it happens again.
Together, you and I, we have become parts of a never ending routine.
You, unable to understand me. I, unable to make you understand.

Teachers Day

To the teacher, who stood by us at every step of our school life.
To the teacher, who sacrificed her spare time to clear silly doubts.
To the teacher who made it her motto to lead us to the right path.
To the best guide, guru, mentor that we could possibly have had.

For that teacher, we take a bow and thank her for the years of devoted service she has put into this school.
We celebrate this day to thank her for the loving bond she has created between herself and us students.
We wouldn’t have been able to dream of reaching great heights of success without your complete guidance and support.
There is no way we can repay you (for all he hard work you have put in) but to succeed with flying colors.
Thank You for everything.