The Rescue

This is something I wrote looong back for a weekly writing contest which was hosted on Goodreads (love the site!).

The Challenge-to go back in time! write a song/poem/short story on something that has to do with a previous age. From the 60’s to the 1700’s to the beginning of modern civilization , your choice. Fiction or non-fiction, doesn’t matter.
My Short Story

Title: The Rescue.
Genre: Short Story.
Description: About forced labour in the 1960’s
Sitting by the fireplace, I let the warmth surround me. I let my mind wander, away from the pain and grief that threatened to consume my mind. Often had I thought, what life would be like in the future, but never had I expected to be a victim of forced labour. Gone are those days, when my only concern was to be the best at school, at home. Now all I pray for is to be freed from bearing this crime. I hear soft footsteps coming my way and thinking it must be the landlord, I resume my work of dusting this place.
“Annabell”, I hear someone whisper my name. Last time I was caught talking and not working, I was lashed  with the whip. Tears had rolled down my red face as I begged them to stop. Ignoring my plea, they had hit harder and harder, removing their frustration and anger on me, as if I was a sack of grain with no feelings whatsoever. The wound all over my body, instead of healing, seemed to grow more and more everyday, almost like a curse. I wondered, what wrong must I have committed to deserve this kind of punishment and torture?.
“Annabell!!” I heard the voice again, a little more anxious and impatient this time. Afraid to be caught again, I turned my head slightly, to peek over my shoulder and found Edmund and all my friends from the village,  peeping into the room. He motioned to me, beckoning me to come nearer. Reluctantly, I walked to them and asked, “What are you all doing here? You must leave now!The landlords are all sleeping!.” He replied on all of their behalf – “We are here to get you out of this place, Anna.” I was going to refuse when a thought occurred my mind. If I got out now, I could probably, live the rest of my life, safe and secure far away. Also, I might be able to rescue my mother and father and we’d be able to live happily. But if I refused, I would be stuck here for the rest of my life until some landlord got fed up and killed me. Then I wouldn’t be able to protect my parents, like I promised them I would. This was my only hope at getting somewhere and I refused to let it go. The offer was very tempting and for the sake of my parents, I agreed. I ran to the backyard where I saved my stash of money which I stole from them. I might as well make use of it now that I was leaving and at not cost would I come back even if it meant I would be killed on the spot, that is if I was ever caught.
Separated at the age of 17, I was taken to the city where only the rich lived. At first , I did not understand what was happening. Then later I came to know that I had been sold of to some landlord in the city just like my parents had been sold off.
Thinking about it, anger bubbled through me and impulsively, I grabbed a piece of firewood and set the curtain on fire. Then the furniture and  the paintings. One by one the whole room was on fire. I ran outside where my friends were waiting for me. Together, we all fled from the city. The entire mansion was now  a giant ball of fire against the pleasant moonlight in the sky. I turned back, looking at the mansion completely consumed in fire and cursed all the residents. The feeling of freedom was liberating and I finally knew that now, I would be able to live in peace.

Math Day!!

OMG! Can you believe it? We just celebrated “math day” in our school today! I mean who celebrates “maths”?? I really don’t get the point nor have I ever heard of any school celebrating it. Being a hardcore maths hater, I was all negative uptill today morning. The principal had declared no classes will be conducted and that the whole day, maths activities were to be carried out!

The only part of the day that I was looking forward to, was my dance during the assembly. We did hip hop  and contemporary – incorporating maths elements into the dance. I was all in doubt when we first heard what had to be done. Maths in dance? Who are they kidding!!  But it turned out to be real fun! All thanks to the amazing choreographer-dancers that we have in our school.


Anyway, I may have been slightly(okay, majorly) wrong about how today was going to be. It was nice, different. We played bingo and crossword. The bingo, instead having numbers, had all sorts of maths related stuff in small boxes – like different shapes, formulae, angles, signs and so on. Cool, right!? And guess what? I won 2nd place for full house! YAAY. The crossword also had clues for math terms. It was a good break from the monotony of classes.

The dance was great! Everybody said so. Apart from a minor screw up(it doesn’t really count as it wasn’t anybody’s fault) – it was perfect. All the hard work that each one of us put in, paid off. And thanks to the screw up – it would be day to remember. I am sure, nobody will forget our dance that easily. Now am waiting to see the photos that were taken by some professional guy. Sigh. I will very much miss the not-so-intense practice hours where we danced, bunked classes and goofed around loads. Dance, I Love You!


Happy Friendship Day!

I love my friends. They are more precious than anything (exceptions – family). Some last a month, maybe 2-4, others last for years. When you gain and lose friends, you realize the importance that they have in your life. Some friendships are like bulletproof , fireproof glass. There ain’t a thing in the world that can cause a scratch. And I, am lucky enough to have some friends as such.

Even after being separated from them, I am confident that our friendship is one to last long! Friends come and go but there can be nobody to take your place.What are a few 1000 miles in comparison to the 5 years of close friendship? Staying in a different country is not going to have any impact on those 1825 days of laughter, secrets, hangouts, gossip and love! I will always love you people. And I miss you like hell! Friends forever! Mwah.


Current Read #1 – The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

Current Read is sort of like a blog hop that I invented. Every now and then I will be posting about what I am currently reading and about how the book is so far – the pace of the story, my expectations and assumptions of what would probably happen in the future and so on. So this week I am reading a book called The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern. I have reached around 120-something page. And so far its a good book, which was quite surprising, because uptill now I have found it a little difficult to actually finish a Cecelia Ahern book. Its not that I have tried all of her books (and didn’t like any) but I did read a part of A Place Called Here and I couldn’t get past the first couple of chapters. I guess the story is too slow paced for me. I was not able to find that gripping factor in APCH.

Anyhow the book is about Tamara(the main character) who comes across this diary that writes itself (yea! so awesome!! ) and what she finds out from the diary turns her whole world upside down..The characters are all really interesting. They are like never-heard-of-before kind of characters. I have read several (understatement!) books and believe me! never have I ever come across characters so bizarre (in a comical way) and totally different. I am enjoying it. Will put up the review as soon as I finish. Before I sign off – 5 cheers for the BUS OF BOOKS!! How awesome would that be??!?! To have a bus full of books (moving library) come door to door. God! *siggh* I would go CRAZYY. Stay tuned to know more about the book. Its good one – you all should try it.


The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the road less travelled by. And that has made all the difference”
One of my favorite quote by Robert Frost. Ever since I studied this poem in 8th grade I have been in love with it. Long before I began reading (and actually liking) poems, this one had comfortably settled down in a corner of my heart. Not many people know this, but whenever I feel low or not confident, I whisper this quote over and over to myself. And it truly acts like a morale booster.
What is your favorite quote?