Sell Like Crazy by Sabri Suby

A great starting point for business owners or anyone looking to excel at sales, Sell Like Crazy presents a well-rounded understanding of how to market a product/ service.

As the founder of a renowned digital marketing agency, Sabri Suby brings his experience of working with thousands of businesses to make this nonfiction book valuable.

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I was recommended this book for work purposes. And trust me, if you’ve just begun exploring the marketing-sales side of working with a company, there’s some great information in here.

That said, if you have spent even a couple of months learning about marketing, most of what you’ll find in this book might not be anything new.

Initially, I felt that the author’s approach was quite aggressive, such as when he’d talk about time management from a cutthroat hustle perspective. The idea left little room to pursue other joys in life.

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To be fair, there are many people who prefer to work like that, constantly trying to be productive every waking second, or viewing time from the lens of how many goals can be achieved and how quickly. I think this book is targeted towards them.

Since I devote my time to many aspects of life, and not just work, I didn’t entirely agree with some parts of it.

Nevertheless, all the information in this book is well-structured. And Sabri pays adequate attention to topics like buyer persona, sales funnel, and advertising.

You also get to read his 17-step sales formula which has apparently brought his clients great sales figures.

My main takeaway is that a value-driven, informative offering can be the best strategy to sustain long-term relationships with customers.

Needless to say, I annotated this book like crazy, marking out facts, ideas, and practical tips. There’s enough material there for me to refer to, learn and implement for a while.

If you are looking for a beginner sales book, Sell Like Crazy would be a good choice!

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