Tides by Patricia Morais

Ada Hughes is the only one who can take care of her brothers from their alcoholic, abusive father. She knows they deserve a future of happiness and is determined to secure it at all costs.

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But even the violence that permeates their home doesn’t prepare Ada for the horrors that leap out of mythological books and arrive in their town of Tide Springs.

A novella featuring one of the main characters from the author’s Portuguese fantasy book series, Tides is a portrait of the inner strength that empowers people to stay true to their loved ones even in dire times.

At first, it opens with a considerably broad exploration of Ada’s bond with her brothers, their toxic home environment, and their past. To lose a parent to death and another to the vices of mankind can be extremely tough, and Patricia Morais’ storytelling is heartrending.

I feel that this part of the book is written in a much more persuasive manner than what follows. Here, through the author’s evocative writing, you feel for the Hughes children and wish that they had a better support system.

Although I personally couldn’t understand why Ada chose to remain loyal to their father despite what he put them through, I can agree that people have varying perspectives and priorities.

With the twist that is incorporated mid-way, the threat to the Hughes family changes. It’s an interesting dynamic as Ada now has far more painful battles to fight and that changes her character arc a bit.

After that turning point, I noticed several instances where Ada’s sentiments and actions seemed a little unconvincing. Perhaps if not for the limits of a novella format, those could’ve been developed more naturally.

I liked the fleeting glimpse we get to see of the fantasy world. The novella ends on a promising note that makes you want to read the series and find out what goes on in it.

The one main thing that I wasn’t fond of in Tides is the romance angle that is introduced between Nick and Ada. It felt unnecessary and changed the way I perceived the characters.

On the whole, I wish the rest of Patricia Morais’ works were translated into English. Tides tells an important story of a family destroyed by the actions of a protector.

Note: I received an e-copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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