Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman

Odd is only a boy of twelve when he runs away from home to live on his own. His father passed away, his mother remarried, and his step-father doesn’t particularly like him. Trying to fend for himself, one day, Odd is visited by a fox who has a mission for him.

A short read, this book is adventurous and lighthearted. With a simple enough plot and a straightforward writing style, Neil Gaiman’s story is one that both middle-graders and adults would like.

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I was delighted to read it and finished the book in one sitting.

If you haven’t read many books on Norse mythology, you could very well start with this. The story features 3 Norse gods – Thor, Odin, and Loki – who rely on Odd to save the day and help the city of Asgard.

I like the chosen-one trope when it’s executed well. So it was interesting to follow along as Odd uses his intellect to confront the Frost Giant.

It also has illustrations, which makes it a perfect gift for a young reader.

Looking for short books to read? This one should be on your TBR list!

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