The Poison of Love by K.R Meera

A short novel that was originally written in Malayalam, The Poison of Love is a tragic account of toxic relationships and the lifelong scars they leave behind.

Tulsi, an IIT graduate with great potential, succumbs to the poisonous embrace of love when she chooses to elope with Madhav, not realizing how bleak her future would look.

I’d only heard great things about K.R Meera’s books and ventured to pick up this novella first. Unfortunately, this one wasn’t for me.

That has a lot to do with how much the characters glorify Madhav despite his despicable behaviour.

What can be done? No one can hate him… He is simply irresistible.” says an ex to Madhav’s wife as they are discussing his manipulation and infidelity. There were several such ridiculous statements freeing him of all blame or hyping him up.

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If at least one character in the book had accorded him the treatment he deserves, I would’ve still had a better impression in my mind. It’s not just Tulsi, Madhav, or any of his million exes, but even Tulsi’s family, the women at the ashram where Tulsi now lives – none of the characters brings anything likeable to the story.

Although only 100 pages long, the novel has several strong themes (trigger warnings may be needed) such as emotional abuse, suicide, marital rape, and adultery.

The narrative begins with Tulsi having settled for life as a religious ascetic. Along the way, the author weaves ample flashbacks into the chapters to help us understand how Tulsi met Madhu, what their relationship once looked like, etc.

You’ll probably be as surprised towards the end as I was because it takes a dark turn. If only the breadth of the novel had been more engaging.

I don’t want to give up reading K.R. Meera’s works because she has a way with using metaphors that I truly appreciate so I’m still going to pick up The Unseeing Idol of Light. Let’s see… That said, I would not recommend The Poison of Love.

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