The Maid by Nita Prose

Molly takes great pride in her job as a maid at the Regency Grand Hotel. As her gran says, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

Distinctly aware of how people consider her to be odd, Molly doesn’t have a lot of friends. So when a colleague asks her to help him out, she readily agrees with no thought of her own safety. And in doing so, she inadvertently gets involved in the murder of a tycoon.

This was such a lovely book to read!

Its USP is the protagonist and the character voice the author has developed. I listened to the audiobook as well and the narrator has done an incredible job in making Molly loveable.

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She has a very unfiltered worldview. Her judgement and perception of things are not coloured by the ways of society. It is this sense of innocence and straightforwardness that makes her character so endearing.

In addition to her characteristics, her attitude towards her job also shines through and made the novel all the more enjoyable for me.

Now, I understand that there’s been quite a lot of debate on whether Molly is autistic, if so, why has the author not explicitly stated that and whether the representation is accurate.

I’m not the right person to comment on representation, but perhaps not everything needs to be labelled? One of the ways we, as a society, can achieve greater acceptance of differences is to understand the person behind these labels. And I think that’s something the author has tried to put forth well by helping us understand who Molly is and empathize with her.

This isn’t an intense mystery novel. It is almost lighthearted in the way the mystery plays out and how Molly gets involved.

There’s some humour because of situations where Molly reacts in ways that people don’t expect her to.

I like that the writing is peppered with her gran’s wisdom. This could have made the narrative disjointed if not for Molly perfectly connecting the dots and holding the story together.

You’ll find themes such as dignity of labour, immigrant struggles, fraud, and found families in the book.

I love the role her gran, Mr Preston and Juan Manuel play in her life. It was so heartwarming to read scenes with them.

The ending was not something I had expected. Although your opinion of Molly is likely to shift and take on a more intricate shape, I appreciated the author for adding that extra touch to the story.

It has a good premise, and I feel that the author has done something very interesting with the story. I would recommend The Maid if you are looking for a light mystery with a memorable protagonist at the helm.

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