The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

Avery Chambers lost her license to practice therapy when she disregarded client confidentiality for the greater good. Now that she works as a consultant and has established an even bigger reputation for her unconventional methods, there’s no dearth of people seeking her help.

The Bishops are one such couple undergoing a difficult time in their marriage. Avery likes to call them “the golden couple”, but as we all know, not all that glitters is gold.

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Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen have a pattern when it comes to their mystery novels. A majority of their works so far incorporate some element of psychology in them. And this is usually what excites me about reading their books.

With Avery leading the story, you get an interesting perspective into her processes which, although not approved by the APA, lend momentum to the narrative. Her 10-session method is also quite extraordinary in terms of the hypothesis that forms the foundation.

The writing is fast-paced, as it not only hurtles through Avery’s own history but also that of Marissa and her husband, Matthew Bishop. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a thriller novel. It has ample intrigue, which is intensified by the plot developments.

While the surface plot has to do with fixing the Bishops’ marriage, soon another mystery comes into the picture. Then, there’s also the case of Avery herself being stalked and threatened for being a whistleblower.

All of that put together definitely kept me on my toes. This collaboration between the two authors is one with outstanding potential, and I foresee myself reading all of their works.

I feel like Polly’s character could have been utilized a lot more. Several scenes involving her felt unconvincing even if they’d been crafted just to add further tension to the novel. Yes, she got on Marissa’s nerves a lot and had Avery suspecting her involvement in what was going on. But I didn’t find her role to be persuasive enough.

My favourite character in the book has to be Avery. She is a morally grey character, unafraid of standing up for what’s right, and pulls out all the stops to ensure she gets to the root of the problem for her clients.

On the whole, The Golden Couple has a lot going for it that makes it interesting. I certainly found it far better than An Anonymous Girl.

If you are looking to be immersed in a multi-layered story, give this one a try!

Note – I received an ALC of this book from in exchange for an honest review.

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