Kill Joy by Holly Jackson

In this prequel to the A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder series, Pip and her friends are invited to a 1920s-themed murder mystery party, where each of them plays a role according to the game and must follow the clues to solve the mystery before the end of the night.

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Granted that I read this short novella after having read the first 2 books in the series, it was still a great deal of fun. And there are several reasons for this.

The book is centred around one event, which is the murder mystery party. This ensures that you are invested in the proceedings of the game and can go along with the developments that occur.

Every few pages or so, the clue cards are inserted within the chapters, and it gives you the feel of being part of the game too. I loved this epistolary touch!

If you’ve previously read either of the books in the series, you would know just how invested Pip gets in solving mysteries. This prequel sets the foundation to all that, showing us a side of Pip that’s competitive and ambitious. The ease with which she gets into the role of Celia Bourne and the speed at which her mind works is truly a marvel.

This book also gives you context on how Pip decides to pick up the Andie Bell case for her school project.

I really enjoyed the roleplay aspect of the story because we get to see how each character approaches their roles in the game and what they bring to it. There’s also a mix of fun banter that goes on between the friends.

Despite it being a short read, I was happy to find that Holly Jackson has spared no effort in making it just as atmospheric and thrilling as her other works.

You get to make the most of the 1920s elements in the game when you listen to the audiobook because the narrators have used different accents to play their roles.

All in all, it’s a wonderful read that will keep you engaged throughout. Highly recommend this book! Whether you plan to read the rest of the series or not, you’ll certainly enjoy this.

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