Sweethand by N. G Peltier

In this enemies-to-lovers romance fiction, N. G. Peltier draws out the rivalry between Sugar Queen, Cherisse Gooding and music producer, Kieran King. The two have known each other for decades, and barely manage remaining civil in public.

But with Cherisse’s sister getting married to Kieran’s friend, they are thrown into close proximity as the wedding planning responsibilities land on their shoulders.

Right from the beginning, the story is predictable. Despite the main characters insisting on disliking each other, there is a budding attraction that becomes apparent in the first few pages itself. Their thoughts, while pinpointing their prejudice, is also layered with an irrepressible curiosity about the other person.

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That, combined with the tropes, makes it easy for you to guess the outcome. Even the conflicts revolve around misunderstandings, miscommunication, and defense mechanisms. The journey that the main couple go through to be rid of their prejudice is also populated by quintessential pitstops. By now, I’ve read enough of these novels to expect all of these typical elements.

What I really enjoyed reading about was Cherisse’s job as the star pastry chef of the island. That aspect adds something new to the plot and held my attention. Her persona is one of a bold, ambitious individual. Even though she keeps her feelings closely guarded, she is at times not afraid of going after what she wants.

Her banter with Kieran, them eventually falling into a FWB situation, trying to navigate their feelings was all fun to read. One of the things that the author executes really well is the portrayal of non-heterosexual identities. The characters who are part of the LGBTQ community are shown in a natural, effortless way – without their sexuality being constructed for the purpose of representation.

Overall, Sweethand is an entertaining book. I just wish it had been a little refreshing in terms of the plot points and storytelling.

I received an ALC of this book from Libro.fm in exchange for an honest review.

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