Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson

Pippa Fitz Amobi learnt the hard way that solving mysteries holds more danger than she is equipped to handle. Having put her detective days behind her, she releases her investigation records from last year as a true-crime podcast. For someone who wishes to move on from that phase of her life, Pip instantly garners fame, as her podcast tops charts and gains coverage from national media.

When another disappearance is brought to her attention, she can’t help but give in. After all, it is her friend, Connor’s brother, Jamie Reynolds, who has vanished without a trace. And so begins the second novel in Holly Jackson’s thrilling A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder series.

The podcast angle in the book makes for an interesting take to what would’ve been simply a cookie-cutter mystery novel. It was incorporated seamlessly into the plot, and at each stage of the investigation, Pip’s interviews with characters added such intrigue to the whole story.

I was glad to see her friendships remain intact despite what transpired in the conclusion of the previous book. Her relationship with Ravi is really endearing. Even though it’s not a significant part of the plot, it’s good to see people having Pip’s back. In comparison to her daredevil instincts, Ravi is levelheaded.

For a while there, I thought that her previous experience might make her a tad bit cautious and not so reckless. But the author builds on Pip’s thirst for justice by crafting scenes that would give any rational person a pause.

I definitely had secondhand anxiety from all the snooping around Pip does, especially at night or in isolated areas of the town.

Image Courtesy – Goodreads

Contrary to popular reviews of Good Girl, Bad Blood, I enjoyed the first book in the series a lot more than this one. That is not to say this wasn’t an enjoyable read. It certainly was. I just found AGGGTM to be more inviting and thrilling.

One of my favourite aspects of this book is how the novel ends with a commentary on social injustice (you’ll know more when you read it). The ending had me teary-eyed because of the sheer brutality of human prejudice and how that impacts a lot of lives. Unlike the first book, I had no clue who the perpetrator would be. So all the plot developments kept me thoroughly engrossed.

I can’t wait for the release of the next book, As Good As Dead! The frame of mind that Pip is left with towards the end of this one leaves so much room for a great third novel. And I look forward to seeing what the author does with that.

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