The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn

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Anthony Bridgerton has decided to settle down, much to the astonishment of the ton. For however can the oldest Bridgerton son do away with his days as a rake and commit to spending the rest of his life with one woman.

Having set his sights on the youngest Sheffield sister, Edwina, Anthony finds an unlikely friendship growing between him and her elder sister, Kate. Who among the two will inevitably become the new Viscountess?

I’ve come to accept the fact that this entire series, set in a historical time period rife with patriarchy and imbalanced gender norms, will in some or the other way offend modern sensibilities.

A couple of times over the course of the book, you will find unpleasant remarks, ones that are characteristic of an orthodox way of thinking. I don’t condone such ideologies, and so it did bother me while reading the book.

The main reason I even enjoyed the story is because of Kate’s characterisation. She is legit a force to be reckoned with and doesn’t hesitate from speaking her mind (even if others would consider it beyond the realm of propriety) or even putting people in their place if they so much as try to overstep the boundaries.

The interactions she has with people are laced with a sense of humour, owing to her blunt mannerisms.

By drawing on Anthony’s backstory and placing emphasis on the troubles that haunt him, the author does attempt to make his character appealing to the reader. But I couldn’t bring myself to care a great deal about him due to the self-imposed conflict that Anthony allows into his marriage.

Kate has such a lovely bond with her stepsister, Edwina, and stepmother, Mary. Although, why she’d stay silent (after what happens in the study) while Edwina was being courted by Anthony is beyond me.

I was thrilled to hear that the Bridgerton TV series has been renewed for a 3rd and 4th season. But I doubt I’ll be resuming reading the books anytime soon.

Perhaps, in this case, I’d prefer the screen adaptation to the books.

What a horror.

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