Act Your Age Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert

Aghast at being admonished by her parents for her inability to hold down a serious job, Eve Brown jumps at first sight of gainful employment. And that just happens to be at a boutique B&B owned by Jacob Wayne, an austere man governed by his unrelenting principles.

An accident ties their fates together, and despite Jacob’s adamant refusal, Eve finds herself working at the B&B to tide them over till the Pemberton Gingerbread festival, an event of priority for anyone who wants to make it big in the hospitality industry.

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Let’s face it; it takes an extraordinary amount of value for me to enjoy a romance novel this thoroughly! I generally read romcoms for the sake of entertainment. But it rarely ever happens that I’m so impressed with a book I want to re-read it or holler at everyone else to read it.

And the third instalment in Talia Hibbert’s The Brown Sister’s series did it! Act Your Age Eve Brown was a delight to read from the very first page. Eve’s story spoke to the part of me that’s always wondering about where my professional life is going to lead. Her character is quirky, lovable, and so fierce!

It’s not just Eve. Almost all the characters in this book are extremely well written. Jacob, on the surface, may appear to be a snob. But there’s so much to his identity. And the markedly slow way he opens up to Eve is precious.

The author’s writing had me laughing out loud more times than I could count, and I catch myself, even now, grinning at the thought of the humour interspersed in the novel. The way she approaches her character’s worries and motivations displays just how meticulously she has crafted their personas and this story.

The main conflict was a tad bit trite, but then again, in the realm of contemporary (non-paranormal) romance, there’s only so much one can expect. And I loved the theatrics of the resolution; it has a close resemblance to the kind of dramatic conclusions one finds in Bollywood movies.

Act Your Age Eve Brown is now safely nestled amongst my Top 10 All-Time Favourite Romance Novels list, hanging out with its pal The Unhoneymooners,

You haven’t tried Talia Hibbert’s books? Pick this one. You don’t like romance? Pick this one.

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