Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Copyright © 2020 Meera Nair

Etta Spencer’s only concern at the moment is that her violin debut has to go smoothly. But when one of her performances gets disrupted by a screeching sound inaudible to others in the auditorium, it marks the moment when her life begins to shatter. Thrust into an unknown world with unknown people, Etta quickly realizes that her family’s secrets might cost her dearly.

I had so much fun reading this book. Passenger is that one time-travel fiction you need to have on your TBR. It’s neither too complex, nor too simple. Within its depths, the story unravels piece by piece, and things begin to make sense rather quickly. The last few chapters felt a little hurried, and I would’ve preferred that a few more pages had been used to elaborate on things.

One of my most favourite sections of this book is the voyage. The scenes based in the ship were so delightful to read. Especially when the pirates meet Etta for the first time – I was straight up laughing the whole time.

Etta has been sketched as someone who yearns for her mother’s affection, and cherishes her bond with her violin instructor, Alice. As such, I can understand why a romance angle was worked into the story. But it didn’t find it to be compelling.

The climax stunned me. I couldn’t believe that the author had pulled such a stunt, that too after 400-fricking-pages. But then the ending sort of appeased me. And now, I must continue with the series by picking up the second book, Wayfarer.

If you are interested in time-travel fiction or books with adventurous plots, you cannot pass this up!

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