5 Feel-Good TV Shows to Watch if You Liked Jane the Virgin

TV shows like Jane The Virgin are an emotional rollercoaster; there’s simply no escaping the feels! They tend to bag the family drama, romance and self-growth angles far better than you’d expect, compelling you to place yourself in the shoes of the protagonists.

Jane The Virgin, in particular, is one of my all-time favourites. Not just because Jane’s character is super easy to relate to, but because of how well Gina Rodriguez brings that character to life and makes you want to be a part of her family.

Watching the five (extremely short for my liking) seasons was a journey full of retrospection and wistful musings. The manner in which her attitude towards life, passions, morals have been delineated urges us to believe in the power of perseverance and unity.

It mirrors the success she ultimately experiences while teaching us how wonderful it is to aspire big. Hell, she doesn’t even let unplanned insemination get in the way of her living her dream life!

So, here are some other television series that grant us our daily dose of dramatic goodness while urging us to follow our dreams.

The Carrie Diaries

Carrie Bradshaw knows how to take risks. When her law internship appears bleak in comparison to the job next door at Interview magazine, she jumps at the chance. With her charm, diligence and wit, she persuades Larissa, the editor to give her a full-time job.

Living the high life in Manhattan, Carrie comes to terms with making difficult choices about education, friendship, love and family.

The Carrie Diaries makes you fall in love with life all over again. It is a show that will resonate deeply with every university student who is about to begin a new phase in their young adult life.


This is an endearing story of 40-going-on-20. Liza, a divorced mother, realizes that while she was living her life as a wife and a mother, her career has slipped out of her grasp. Now that she is ready to resume work in the publishing field, nobody wants to hire a 40-year-old. So what does she do?

She poses as a 26-year-old, trying to fit into a world that seems to have left her behind. Her zeal for life is magically renewed donning this “younger” skin. Younger is a hearty TV series that explores the publishing industry through Liza’s double identity.


Sophia is an eccentric character, barely surviving on her own. She has cut off all ties with family and friends alike, keeping only Annie (her best friend) by her side.

She lucks out when a thrift-shopping episode opens her eyes to the world of vintage fashion. After much deliberation, struggle and self-doubt, her eBay store gains momentum, with her refurbishing and selling vintage clothes.

In the span of the 13-part series, we see Sophia unfurl and become a much better version of herself. She is a testament to what dedication to one’s job looks like. There’s a good deal of humour, sass and fashion in this show to make you want to binge-watch it.

Famous in Love

Paige, an ambitious college student, swings by a movie audition simply because her best friend insists.

Now, she has landed the lead role in the movie and has no idea how to juggle her normal life and the one behind all the glitz and glamour. Friendships fall through the roof as new ones reserve a spot in her life. Does following one’s heart have to be so expensive?

Famous in Love has its fair share of stereotypes and tropes. But what really makes it entertaining is the glimpse of how power and fame transform people.

The Bold Type

Three best friends, Jane, Sutton and Kat work for Scarlet magazine as an article writer, social media manager and fashion aspirant, respectively.

In a highly competitive and talent-driven world, these women experience the highs and lows of baring their soul to society. You see, the devil may always come to collect his prize, but the social media trolls make life in hell look like a vacation.

Filled with work woes, swoon-worthy relationships and mesmerizing shots of NYC, The Bold Type quickly made its way up my favourites list. It’s thrilling to watch three courageous 20-something women chase after their ambitions and manifest their dream life through sheer willpower.

These 5 engaging TV shows will, to some extent, feed the void that Jane The Virgin’s conclusion has left.

They are overflowing with empowered women and dreamy career paths. As a media graduate, writer and avid reader, these shows beckon to me. 

Let me know if I’ve missed out on any other TV shows that inspire you to give your absolute best each day. We all need such feel-good, binge-worthy TV series!

Published by Meera Nair

A 27 year-old freelance Content Writer, who spends all her free time ensconced in the pages of a book or writing to her heart's content about topics that excite the creative spirit in her.

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