Book Review — We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Thank you Bloomsbury India for sending me a copy of this book for review. 

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The Sinclairs are a grand family, ruled by their traditions and austere views of life. But Cadence, Johnny, Mirren and Gat think differently. They are the Liars. And they won’t be bound by the ostentation, materialism and politics that go hand in hand with being a part of the Sinclair family.

I am still reeling from the shock that is this book. Reviewing it is a matter of treading on thin ice, lest I spoil the beauty of it for someone else. E. Lockhart has has truly hit a home run with this one. Firstly, I absolutely loved the form of storytelling. It’s choppy and verse-like, without long sentences. At times, it completely overrules grammatical syntax. But then it all gels so well, that I had no issues with her style of writing. Secondly, the plot is so exceptionally thought out and filled in, that up until the very end, I couldn’t guess the “truth”. When i finally read the last section, it felt like I had been hit by a bulldozer. And so, this book is not predictable by a long shot. The author uses repetitions, hyperboles and metaphors to convey the mental anguish that Cadence faces in her quest to learn the truth behind her accident.

Beechwood Island offers the perfect vacation to the Liars and their family. It is their summer haven, a place they retreat to for a couple of months to getaway from their city life. To me, it resembled the high standards and paradoxes (the cracks in the foundation) of their lives. I found the mothers and Grandad’s character to be so annoyingly uptight. And I wish they had been less compelling with their expectations. Johnny and Mirren had more of a carefree attitude. Gat is the intellectual one of the lot. He reads a lot and questions everything. Cadence is a different sort of a protagonist. Some of her thoughts make you second guess whether it is true or not. The themes that are predominant in this novel are mystery, mental illness, greed and recklessness. This book is an apt example of why I am a bibliophile. I can’t get over the splendid storytelling. Although I can’t fathom why it has received so many average reviews despite its quality content, I definitely recommend it to all who love a good mystery. I loved it so very much.

Ratings – 5 stars on 5


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