Book Review — Rat Queens Volume 2 by Kurtis J. Wiebe

Image courtesy of Goodreads

In the second volume of Rat Queens, Hannah, Dee, Violet & Betty get roped in by Mayor Kane to kill certain troublesome creatures, mushroom people, to be precise. Even though Bernadette is absconding, they are assured that she will be captured and will serve her punishment. Whereas, Sawyer who has been looking for Bernadette, encounters troubles of his own. Everyone’s fate is tied together, when in the climax, the Queens and fellow adventuring troops come to realize the nature of the impending doom over the city.

This volume was just as action packed as the previous, or maybe more. I’ve grown to enjoy the kind of art work that this series has. It’s feisty like it’s characters and as magical as the plot. Dee’s association with the God N’rygoth is an interesting plot line. And we learn more about it in this volume. Sometimes, Hannah’s character can be a little spoilt, but knowing her past helps us understand why her perspectives are so. This volume only adds more to the already well planned out plot. There’s a double whammy situation in it which contributes a great deal towards increasing the suspense quotient. The content is a brutal and gory. So keep that in mind, before picking it up. Although, I would surely recommend that you do. Absolutely loved reading it.

Ratings – 4 stars on 5


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