Book Review — Rat Queens Volume 1 by Kurtis J. Wiebe

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Rat Queens is a graphic novel that follows a group of four fierce women – Hannah, Dee, Violet and Betty – who work as mercenaries to earn their living. In a kingdom filled with several adventuring troops, the Queens feel that they aren’t treated fairly. So when an assassin is hired to kill the Queens, they set out to unearth who hates them enough to want them dead.

Titled Sass & Sorcery, this volume comprises of exactly that. The four female characters are as diverse as possible, each putting up their best front forward while carrying troublesome baggages of their own. They are all kickass, and well sketched out characters. The art work is brilliant and is even more enhanced by the fast paced plot. The panels aren’t entirely symmetrical, which you’d think would disrupt the reading but it doesn’t really. I love the friendship between the four girls. It is believable because it is not shown to be perfect. They bicker, break up and finally, get back together because they know what matters at the end. Hannah and Sawyer’s relationship was a little predictable. The content of the volume is very violent and gory. I didn’t mind it one bit. But there may be people who are disturbed by the sight of body parts, even if they are animated. Apart from that, the plot is interesting enough to make you read all of it in one go. I started the next volume immediately.

Ratings – 4 stars on 5


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