Book Review — Gooseberries by Anton Chekhov

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Gooseberries is a collection of three short stories written by Anton Chekhov. The Kiss features a troop of soldiers who are invited to dine with a certain General Rabbeck and follows their celebratory night at the General’s abode. In the tale The Two Volodyas, Sophia Lvovna’s dilemma, concerning life and the two Volodyas, are explored. Lastly, a story recounted by Ivan Ivanych is the focus of the tale Gooseberries.

All in all, I found this bunch of stories to be lacklustre. It was not gripping in the least bit. With every story, I kept telling myself that the next one was bound to be better. But at the end, it turned out to be not. In fact out of the three, The Two Volodyas was the decent one. I didn’t much understand Ryabovich’s musings in The Kiss. And most of what happened in the Gooseberries flew over my head. That was the extent of how disinteresting the book was. But since The Two Volodyas was bearable and the writing wasn’t bad, I did not give it a zero star rating. I’ve heard that Chekhov’s works are masterpieces and so I hope that whatever I read next will be a lot better than this.

Ratings – 2 stars on 5.


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