Book Review — Mrs Rosie and the Priest by Giovanni Boccaccio

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Mrs Rosie and the Priest makes for an interesting accumulation of stories set in Italy. All the 4 tales are unique because they revolve around different themes. While in Andreuccio’s story, we glimpse the treacherous side of society; Patient Griselda depicts the strength and will power of women in those ages. Ricciardo’s misfortune which he brought upon himself is rather funny as is the witty outcome of the Priest’s bet with Rosie. There certainly was a greedy and lusty angle to these stories. Some of which made the comic timing great.

Out of all the Little Black Classics I’ve read, this was one of my favourites. It had good humor, good plots, a great deal of morals. Boccaccio’s stories were great reads but they don’t offer much in terms of cultural insight. Somehow, even the tragedies in his story could be taken lightheartedly. I didn’t have much of a problem with his characterization, except for the fact that I found Griselda to be naive as she repeatedly put her self-worth on the line. It’s commendable that she showed great strength in her demeanor towards the injustice she was facing, but it would have been more realistic had she yelled and cried than dealt with it silently. On the other hand, just when I was starting to feel bad for Andreuccio, he turned out to be a smartass. The book is definitely fun. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and so would recommend it to y’all for quick, humorous reads.

Ratings – 4 stars on 5


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