To Mr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam

Image Courtesy - Google.
Image Courtesy – Google.

Dear Sir,

Few people have been as humble in power, forward in thought and strong in mien as you have been. You heard the voices of the youth, that were shunned and belittled and you brought us to the forefront. You upheld the beacon of hope to a nation that was on the verge of losing its glory. Not many know how to lead as you did.

Frankly, I regret not knowing the full extent of your being. Of all that you have written and said, of all your persuasion and guidance. It is in your passing that I realize the value of what I have missed out. And yet, it is never too late. Your words of wisdom will, till the end of time, be etched out for us to ponder on. Your efforts of carving a bright future for us will not be in vain. Someday, from above, you will see India reshape into the gem of a land that it was before the dark times. And it will not only be the youth but the senior folks too, who will pave the way to an India you envisioned.

Death is inevitable. It comes for us all. So we shed tears in pride, for having witnessed a man of such caliber, who sought to change our nation for the better. We revel in having known of such a distinct individual whose thoughts led us to question our unreasonable beliefs. In a world where people hold onto knowledge for the mere purpose of holding power, you believed in disseminating it to every individual who would listen. You have educated more minds in the ways of living than any moral science class could have. It is by these precious gifts to the world, that we will remember you. It is by these stepping stones you’ve laid out for us that we will strive to attain, for others and ourselves, a glowing future.

Thank you Sir, for all that you have given. May you Rest in Peace.

A Hopeful Citizen,

– Meera


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