Game Review — Cross Fingers

photo 4Occasionally I browse the app photo 3store in search of some mind games (not what it sounds like). Just puzzles or word games that help jog your brain and many a times I come across really good ones. Cross Fingers is one such puzzler that requires you to fit different shaped pieces into a certain silhouette/blank background.

A product of Mobigame, Cross Fingers has a puzzle mode and an arcade mode. In the puzzle mode you get to choose Easy, Hard, Pro, Normal and multiple such categories. When you select a category, there are several levels to be completed chronologically. But if you are more adventurous then you can choose the Arcade mode and “race against time”.  Its not mind boggling in the least, extremely fun to do. The user interface is rather simple – easy to navigate. Just like its name, you do end up with your fingers crossed over one another quite often.

photo 1

photo 2The color tones used to build the game are shades of brown and beige, to give a woody look. Something you need to keep in mind before playing this game is that if your phone’s touch screen doesn’t function very well then its better to stay away from it, cause it makes use of multiple touch in the later levels. As in you need to be moving blocks around using 2-3 fingers simultaneously. So bad touch sensor = no game. For every level you complete, you get a star and you can use these stars to skip a level if need be. But what confuses me is the system or technique of how the stars are accumulated. I have finished around 20-25 levels and earned stars for all but I don’t see 20-25 stars. I only have like 8 stars. So that is a bummer!

Nevertheless its a really interesting game and works as a sort of stress reliever. You can play tons of levels at a time.

Ratings – 4 stars on 5.

– Meera

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