Book Review — The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

For Paige Mahoney, the journey to freedom doesn’t end at escaping Sheol I. Rather, the responsibility of disclosing what she knows bears her down. On top of it is, Jaxon Hall, an overambitious mime-lord making her run petty errands when there are Rephaim skulking around the city and fugitives to be looked after. The Sargas, along with their Scion puppets are tuned into a manhunt to capture Paige, relying on their hold over both the amaurotic and voyant public. So where are the scarred ones in this time of need?

Amidst all these tiresome scenarios, Paige and Jaxon are thrust together in what is to be a bloodbath for power. With no better timing and to make herself heard, she ventures down a road that would probably lead to more harm than good. But for the betterment of the voyant society, Paige Mahoney, the Pale Dreamer is ready to set aside her morals if it so be.

Throughout this book, Paige has been injured so many times, I literally lost count. It only speaks for how reckless and brave she is, when she has to save someone she cares about. The beginning few chapters weren’t as captivating as the entire first book had been. Things sort of mellowed down, once Paige and the other voyants reached London. Maybe its a given that after the roller-coaster they’d been through, they needed a breather. But I wasn’t being pulled to read it. Nevertheless it does pick up pace after awhile. In a clairvoyant society, matters can never be peaceful for long. We get a glimpse into Warden’s mind and see a more softer side to him in this book.

I did find a couple of loopholes in the novel. Don’t know if its my mistake, but I’m certain I went through the sections twice to ensure otherwise. Apart from that, the author’s writing style continues to be vivid and brilliant. Now that Scion has put up Paige as a “most wanted” criminal, anything that goes wrong in the citadel is always pinned to be her fault. Which adds more messy situations to the already full plate Paige is holding. This one is definitely another suspense ridden book which keeps you on your toes. I was silent-screaming with shock and thrill so many times during the multiple parts of this ginormous volume. Slightly less better then the first book but still extremely good!

Ratings – 4 stars on 5.


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