Book Review — Angel Fire (Angel #2) by L.A Weatherly

When the powerful allure and the strong gliding wings of angels take over not only your city but all of the world, there’s nowhere you can outrun them. Especially if you occupy the top spot in their Most Wanted list and they’ve got your photo plastered on every possible surface around cities. It’s not long before Willow and Alex realize this. Nevertheless they find reprieve in deception, changing Willow’s look and taking to the mountainous, desolate regions to build a strategy. It’s there that they realize how much they mean to each other. As they grow closer and closer, far from the maddening fever of angel burn that is spreading amongst the masses, they learn of a new danger. Something far more terrible than the Second Wave of angels that have descended on Earth. This trouble in paradise drags them out of their safe haven and right into the core of angel business.

Meanwhile Seb, another half angel, has been looking for Willow all his life.  A vague inkling about her personality is all he has to go on. But that has never fazed him into giving up. It’s like he’s fallen for a girl who might not even exist outside of his imagination. And yet, he moves from town to town, just by the sliver of energy or instinct that pulls him there. Lucky for him, his efforts pay off. Together with Seb, Alex and some other anti-Angel fellas, Willow plots a very risky mission that is more bound to fail rather than not.

Angel Fire is the second book in the series Angel by L.A Weatherly. It picks up a little after where the first one left off so there aren’t any time lapses or flashback scenes. I don’t like when that happens in series books because rather than short flashbacks, I’d like to read through the instance in detail. This book gradually moves to the core of the concern that is being speculated in the first book – will Alex and Willow be able to save humanity and banish all Angels? And like I hoped, it does add a lot and make the series more fun. So much so that I wanted to finish all of the 700 pages in two days. But alas! Duty calls 😛

Unlike many people, I’m totally on Team Seb! I don’t know why. Maybe something about how quick Willow and Alex got together didn’t sit well with me. And Seb is a half angel too, so they have a lot more in common and understand each other on another level altogether. Introducing another character is simply stating the oncoming drama of a love triangle, which is obvious here. That too was rather enjoyable to read. I still stick to my notion of Willow being a little insane (and not in a good way). She doesn’t have a clear mind often and messes up. It was a irritating but the ever calm presence of Seb urged me to read further. I find the author’s writing really comfortable to read because of how simplistically descriptive it is. Its not that she doesn’t describe sceneries or use elaborate language but she does it in such a way that it is grounded at the same time. After this gigantic volume of awesomeness, I have greater expectations from the last book in the trilogy. Do check out this series if you like fantasy!

Ratings – 4 stars on 5.


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