Book Review — The Selection Trilogy by Kiera Cass

I’m going to review the trilogy and not each book particularly cause there’s so much going on in each of them.

In this New World Order tale, The Selection is every girl’s dream. Or atleast, almost everyone. America Singer was never one to swoon over the prince-to-be Maxon and his royal stature. Her feelings are for another – Aspen. Belonging to the lower ranks of society, America and Aspen have had eyes for each other since a long time. But girls aren’t permitted to have a relationship with those below their castes. So Aspen and America find bliss in their stolen moments, secretly hiding in a tree house whenever they can manage to get away from chores. Before their story could progress further we see how America’s fate turns her nothing-spectacular life all topsy-turvy. She gets Selected to be one of the 35 girls who are chosen as potential brides for Maxon. It’s nothing like she expected, but America might as well go with the flow and make the best of it. After all, all the girls’ families are paid sufficiently and amidst the competition, she has no hope of making it to the next round. Surely Maxon will call her out on her rudeness and downright contempt of the higher castes.

As labyrinth-like as the castle is, America’s stay there is even more bewildering. From easing into the fancy rooms to a close bond with Maxon, she loses track of how rapidly situations are changing. Soon an unexpected arrival at the palace questions America’s feelings towards The Selection, Maxon and Aspen. Unable to make head or tail of it, she is caught between a whirlwind of love, friendship and destiny.

A society, divided into ranks based on occupation and ruled by a monarch is played out to the best interest of the readers in the book. And the plight of the lower castes are portrayed as being worse than that of a criminal. The Selection isn’t a compulsion but most families end up signing their girls  for the monetary benefits and a chance to live the regal life. I really liked America’s family. Her dad is so understanding and even though her mom nags a lot, she has her best interest at heart. What she has with Aspen is sort of like puppy love but towards they end, both of them become far more mature and self-reliant.

I’d like to say that America doesn’t get along well with the King cause her opinions and actions endanger everything the monarch family stands for. And often she challenges their laws by taking matters into her own hands in a very rebellious, headstrong manner. Those moments were absolutely delightful to read and I was constantly cheering her on. Also her friendship with Marlee, one of the other girls, goes way beyond any competition. You’d think that girls who are competing to be the Queen would all be scheming behind one another’s back, but these two have been loyal and terrific companions since the beginning. The ending was sort of odd, how everything wrapped up in a jiffy. But nevertheless, I liked the trilogy so so much! A must read for all fantasy, dystopian readers.

Ratings – 4 stars on 5.


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